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Meet the Photographer


Hi, I'm Amber and I am the Photographer behind the images you see here. My story starts after my first Son was born. I started as a Momtog who could not put down her camera. My hobby quickly grew into a passion and has since expanded into a business.  Fast forward to 2022, I now have two fearless active boys that keep me very busy!

As a Mom, I understand how important it is to preserve family memories. Once you have kids, it seems like life goes by so fast! Through the years I have come to appreciate and understand how truly special photographs can be. They hold a sentimental value that can't be replaced. I am humbled to capture your family's special moments and the people that mean the most to you in life. After all, my family inspired my love for Photography. Capturing my growing family has been a blessing and I want to share my love for preserving family memories with you. I want to provide you with photographs you can cherish and look back on and remember that exact moment in time.

And when I'm not behind the camera, I'm busy being a boy Mom. Cleaning dirt off my Boys pants, bandaging up scraped knees, and entertaining the little ones all day! I like to bake, cook, drink wine, DIY craft projects, and workout. 

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