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It has been a while...

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Well its time to brush the dust off my computer and get back to it! Its been a while since I've wrote a blog post and figured it’s about time to fill you all in on what's been going on over here. SO we recently expanded our family and welcomed baby boy #2 into this world December 19th. I would like to introduce you to my 7lb 3oz #babyboy Greyson Nash.

This sleepy bundle pictured above made his entrance into this world 1 week early. Greyson's due date was 12/26 and I had major anxiety over having a Christmas baby. So I was totally content with going into labor early. Like most new parents, the first couple weeks home we were in full #newborn baby mode. Eat, sleep, poop....repeat. We spent our first holiday as a family of four at home relaxing by ourselves. And as much as I love spending the holidays with our families, I did really enjoy just spending time with my boys and Husband at home not having an agenda for once.

Big Brother Logan has been adjusting to the new addition in the family. He has great potential to be an amazing Big Brother....we just have not reached that full potential yet. Ha! It’s a work in progress and I could see already that I will be breaking up many sibling rivalry fights with these two boys. Logan doesn't know it now, but little Brother is a big baby and already trending to be bigger than he was at his age. So I keep having to remind him little Brother will be able to hold his own before he knows it.

Aside from having a new baby and adjusting to being a family of four, our new little one has had some challenges of his own he has had to face. He was born Coombs positive, which was due to the fact that Greyson and I have different blood types. When a baby is born (and sometimes during the pregnancy), some of the blood between the mom and baby mixes. A small amount of mom’s blood enters the baby’s bloodstream. Sometimes this mixing can become a problem for the baby. This can lead to jaundice or anemia, which both should be taken seriously. To help prevent Greyson's jaundice levels from getting too high, we had to put him under UV lights for 24 hours. Our tough little man absolutely hated being under the UV lights not being swaddled or close to Mom. But after a long 24 hours, we made it through and were able to get discharged to go home.

A few days after being home we noticed Greyson's eye movements were a bit erratic? We called it his "crazy eyes" when he would do it. Not because we were mocking him but simply because we didn't know what else to call this movement. The Neurologist has since labeled this movement an “eye bob”.

Like many new parents, we decided to do what we do best during the newborn stage of life...we googled it! Well, this simple move started the spiraling chain of constant doctor appointments. What we found initially was something called “Sunset eyes”. This term describes the downward movement of the eye which can be from hydrocephalus or in some cases immaturity of the reflex systems that control eye movements. Other than this eye movement, he is a perfectly healthy & happy baby boy.

After following up with our Pediatrician, we were referred to a Pediatric Opthamologist. The Opthamologist determined the optical nerve looked normal and his eye sight was average for his age. Which at this point I asked the Opthamologist, “now what?” What is the next step from here? The Opthamologist recommended to have him evaluated by a Neurologist.

Fast forward to April, in his less than 4 months of life, he has seen two different Neurologists, had 5 neurology appointments, a CT scan, an EEG, 3 Opthamology appointments, blood work, and multiple Pediatrician visits. Our poor little babe has been through quite a lot at such a young age. But through it all, he has managed to keep a smile on his face. This cute baby boy (pictured below) is always happy and smiling.

Although our journey continues, we just want the best for our little boy. So far at this point, Doctors are not very familiar with this type of eye movement. There is very little evidence of similar cases out there of this type of particular eye movement, most are only recorded in research medical journals. Doctors have reviewed the video evidence we have presented and have not been able to diagnose this movement.

We are not looking to gain anything from sharing our experience other than providing some insight for those parents who are frantically googling for answers. We’ve been there, we are still there! But we have hope, hope that at the end of this journey we are provided with answers that can close the chapter of this book. We have and will continue to enjoy this sweet happy baby boy that has brought so much joy into our lives.


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