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My Dad, My Hero

Updated: Mar 29, 2018

You know the saying, "A Dad is a son's first Hero"? It couldn't be more true when it comes to our servicemen---military, police, and fire service. Otherwise known as the Public Servants for the community. And let me tell you from experience, if you think being a Firefighter is hard---try being a Firefighters Wife! Having our Husbands gone 24 hours at a time (sometimes longer) is not easy. Especially when we have to take care of little ones by ourselves in their absence. But that moment when your significant other walks through the door after a long shift away at work, your Child embraces him/her in a way that makes it all worth it. Not gonna lie, I totally get jealous of the way my Son embraces my Husband after he's been away at work. Like I know I haven't gone anywhere but "um, Hi, I'm your Mother who takes care of you all day......where's my big ol hug and kiss?" Its okay, I will never take that special moment away from them.

The Rejowski family can relate, Adam is a fellow Firefighter with my Husband on the same department. Danielle and I, being Firefighter Wives can relate in a lot of ways. Between our Husbands rotating schedules and missed Holidays to the daily grind of taking care of the home on our own a lot of days. I'm sure she would agree, I wouldn't change it for the world. There is pride about what they do, as many would not make the same sacrifices they have to make. With that being said, being a Firefighters son makes for big shoes to fill. However, many are more than willing to take on the challenge and carry on the legacy or tradition set forth.

And this sweet baby Boy has a long line of boots to fill. Both of Danielle's parents and Grandfather were Firefighters, and his Daddy is a Firefighter! What a legacy that has been set forth for him. I'm pretty sure he is destined to join the fire service someday. He still has some growing to do, but someday he will be able to fill those boots. He sure doesn't mind playing dress up with Dad's bunker gear in the meantime! Does it get any cuter than this? The sweetest little red head with bright beautiful captivating blue eyes. I mean, come on!

This cutie pie is always willing to work with me. He practically poses himself, with little coaching from myself or Mom. Sometimes we bribe him with toys or take bottle breaks. He literally is such a willing participant, best baby model I could ask for! I get to snuggle him in between takes or setup of different sets. He laughs at me and makes me feel like I'm actually funny and entertaining. My Son is wise to my antics now, so I have to work that much harder for baby laughs from him. But behind the scenes, Mason is one of the happiest kids I know. Despite coming off of a bad virus, he was still all smiles. Up until the very end, he was working it for the camera. He sat still way longer than I could've expected or asked for. My almost 2 year old will no longer cooperate, working with Mason was very refreshing as he is not as mobile yet.

There is something about the serious face with kids that gets me every time. Some parents only want smiles, and I totally get it, but I love the eye contact with a serious face. And who doesn't love the way Mason's outfit matched the set perfectly?! He loved all the props in the Easter set, especially the carrots. He kept reaching around trying to play bite the carrots in the bin behind him. Sometimes he tipped over into them too, but that was unintentional! Ha!

We got so many great shots from this session, I wish I could post them all! The 6 month age is so fun to photograph. They are sitting up enough to set them in or around a prop, but not yet mobile. Once they become mobile, it gets a little challenging. That can typically be resolved with wrangling and bribery though. :)

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