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This baby newborn fox will make your heart melt.

If there is one thing I am a sucker for it is newborns in crochet outfits. They give me all the heartwarming happy feels and make me want to have another baby. Don't worry, I bounce back to reality shortly after leaving a newborn session having just spent 2-3 hours cuddling a sweet little peanut. There can never be enough newborn crochet outfits in my #photographylife. At least at this point in my career, ask me in a few years and I might have a closet full to destash!

Let me tell you about this cute baby fox, Wyatt. This sweet hibernating fox was two weeks old at the time of his #newbornsession. Sweet baby boy spent a week in the hospital and was happy to be home in his own foxhole. (Sorry, couldn't help with that pun). Don't let this cute face fool you, he fought us on sleeping the entire time we did our lifestyle portion of the shoot. He was a hangry baby who just wanted nothing more than to eat and not smile for the camera. Point proven in the funny candid shot I captured below of mom taking a break to feed him during the shoot. I think even the dog was afraid of the baby after that look!

Baby Wyatt had so many different expressions during his photoshoot, I was in awe. The best moments were when he didn't know I was taking photos and was lying there taking it all in. Although newborns are only able to focus 8-10 inches from their face, it seemed as though Wyatt was so aware of his surroundings. He was constantly scanning the room with every new noise or when we walked in and out of his nursery. He is a curious little one! I'm sure as he grows up he will be a little explorer, and at some point start getting into stuff. That's when it gets fun for Mom & Dad! Just a little foresight, you will find yourself saying "no" or "don't" before most of your sentences at some point.

From one parent to another, enjoy those little moments. The ones that we take for granted, the ones that we don't document with pictures, the ones that happen in a flash. Because before you know it, those moments have come and gone and your left with the memories imprinted in your minds. Don't forget to take your camera or your phone out and take pictures of the mess. Beyond that mess, is your family making beautiful memories.

The love between a parent and child is unlike any other. It can only be best described as a gravitational pull towards another human being. You miss them the second you are out of the room and long to be near after you've been away. Well, lets be honest, we have moments we are okay being away from them. You know those days, when you just want 5 seconds to yourself to drink your [NOW] cold coffee or go to the bathroom by yourself for once. As a mother, I love to be able to capture the special bond between a mother and her child. A picture can speak a thousand words, I'll just leave this one here....

I can't wait to see baby Wyatt experience all his first milestones. As a parent, those are such exciting moments to witness with your child. Their first "coo" or smile to when they discover their feet! Next thing you know, they learn to get on all fours and rock back and forth to crawl. Then you blink, and they are crawling at light speed across the room and you have to corral them back into the baby safe zone. Before you know it, you were hoping they would crawl and they are now running. Yes, they skip walking most of the time and go straight into a full on sprint.

Judging by how little Wyatt wanted to show off holding his head up, he's gonna be ahead of the curve on those milestones Mom & Dad! I can't wait to see what the future holds for this sweet Bubba. Hopefully I get to photograph all those fun milestones in the future!


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